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WiD510-ENT Applications

WiD510-ENT the Wireless Presentation System


Teq AVIT WiD510-ENT series has been a proven success in the AV industry. With its reliability and features it still is one of the main wireless presentation systems out there. With its multi-platform capability and Remote Control feature it has all the necessities that any user would need to have a complete AV system.

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Supported Devices
WiD510-ENT is cross platform compatible. Whether you are using a Windows or Mac smartphone, tablet, or notebook wireless presenting has never been simpler.




Complete Presentation tool

Video, Audio, Extended screen, Overlay

In addition to displaying main screen, WiD510-ENT allows one to send extended screen. One can enable advanced capture mode to show overlay Mouse pointers or pop-up text on connected big screen. Most important is that WiD510-ENT can send audio along with video to connected display or amplifier or speakers.



New Installation or Upgrade

Flexibility, Versatility and affordability

WiD510-ENT allows to have a flexible unified communication – presentation system with wireless or wired Ethernet connectivity. WiD510-ENT is versatile with its compatibility with most displays, most computers and almost all networks. Install new or upgrade existing TV or Projector to wireless or over IP capability instead of buying new display with built-in adapters that are difficult to use in everyday use because they embed older technology of low cost.

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WiD510-ENT Works Perfectly with Mobile Devices

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Download user manual of WiD510-ENT

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