TeqAvit | CLH135 Application

CLH135 Application


Standalone or Integrate into existing AV System

Maintain or create wireless or networked security

Connect to most of TV, LCD Monitor, LED Display or projector without any cable, table boxes, wall plates, switchers or any proprietary and expensive equipment. Just connect to big screen wirelessly and enjoy flexibility and freedom.


Save hundreds or thousands on infrastructure

Go Wireless, Go Green, Save Green $$$

Connect to most of TV, LCD Monitor, LED Display, HDTV or projector by saving on any long and expensive cables, table boxes, wall plates, switchers or any proprietary and expensive equipment. Stop wasting resources on cables to save environment and going Green and save on installation labor costs.


Wireless Projector, TV or Display adapter

Quickly, easily convert existing or new screen for wireless HD functionality.

Just connect WiH transmitter and receiver toany existing projection / display screen for wireless connection as DIY or system integrator installed system to enjoy flexibility and freedom. Share video, audio, pictures, data and presentations without spending anything on cables or labor


PowerPoint and Keynote ready

Supports integrated important features of presentation software

CLH135 is ready for widely used presentations applications like Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, Pro Presenter including enhanced features of Main /extended screen, embedded Video, Audio and pop-up text overlay box.


Complete Presentation tool and entertainment center

HD 1080p Video and Stereo Audio in small size

5In addition to displaying main screen, CLH130 allows one to send extended screen. One can enable advanced capture mode to show overlay Mouse pointers or pop-up text on connected big screen. Most important is that CLH135 can send audio along with video to connected display or amplifier or speakers.


New Installation or Upgrade

Flexibility, Versatility and affordability

CLH130 makes it possible to have a flexible and portable connection system for ant source with HDMI output with its wireless connectivity. CLH130 is versatile with its compatibility with most displays, most computers in the market. Install new or upgrade existing TV or Projector to wireless capability instead of buying new display with built-in adapters that are difficult to use in everyday use because they embed older technology of low cost.


Advanced Plug N Show design

Hardware based system without any software

There are several flavors of PC 2 TV technology based products for wireless connection requiring drivers, CDs, web connection, registration and complicated software installations. However no one can compare it with CLH135 with it HD 1080p video quality, high fidelity stereo audio and simple Plug N Show operation. Teq AVIT is developing wireless connection technology and perfecting since 2006.


Trusted solution by thousands of users

Businesses, Corporations and Educational facilities

Many medium to small businesses and even small offices use CLH135 as single Wireless HDMI connection device with installed displays. Many Universities, Colleges, Schools, churches, medical offices, banks, law firms and even home users also have embraced CLH135 for easy and fast connection of laptops, netbooks or Macbooks.


Download user manual of CLH130

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