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CLH135 Benefits


Secured format wireless signal

Uses un-crowded wireless frequency spectrum for crystal clear transmission

WiH series transmitter and receiver connect to each other exclusively at 5.7 G hz spectrum so they do not interfere with common wireless devices such as WiFi routers, access points, telephones, TV broadcast or other office communication or home entertainment devices.


Long range operation

150-ft (50 meter) for Wifi and 300-ft (100 meter) for Ethernet

With its wireless access point client mode or access point generation mode, client computers can connect to WiD340 within 150-ft (50 meter) or if part of wired LAN , WiD340 can connected from 300-ft (100 meter) range.


Reliable 24/7 operation

Latest chipset and robust design results in perfect solution

CLH130 provides peace of mind for owners, managers and network administrators that device will be ready round the clock to allow connection and presentation. Always available for connection.


Ready for future

Advanced design that accommodates upcoming developments

With its state of the art hardware, CLH135 is up to date and ready for new developments in HD sources, Computers and Display technology in terms of video and audio.


Download user manual of CLH130

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