TeqAvit | CLH130 Features

CLH130 Features


Scaling and fitting to most computers

Bring on almost any popular device and it will show up right

No matter what resolution the device is set up to 1080p, the screen will fit on attached screen. It adjusts the various aspect ratios of 4:3 or 16:9 or 5:4 in conjunction with attached projector, LCD display or monitor.


Live and LAG free

The Screen refreshes fast to keep up with your pace.

With its built-in video processor and decoder, CLH130 refreshes screen fast enough to keep up with mouse movement. The delay is fraction of a second so what you see in screen is live and without lag unlike other wireless video systems


Multiple channels for secure operation

Password protected access to device for all users

At time of installation administrator can setup passwords for admin web-page, browser based conference control application and even access to device by setting SSID key for CLH130 or Wi-Fi network which is it part of


Compact design allows portability

Easy to Share, store, install or use

With its compact size that is slightly bigger that a standard USB Flash drive, WiH transmitter can be easily stored, transported, installed in tight spaces, and even shared or passed from one user to another in conference setting.


Download user manual of CLH130

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