TeqAvit | How do Wireless Presentation Systems work?

How do Wireless Presentation Systems work?

How do Wireless Presentation Systems work?


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How do Wireless Presentation Systems work?

  • WPS receivers are attached to video ports VGA/ HDMI on matching displays for permanent / mobile installations.
  • WPS could be installed as stand alone/ complete Wi Fi system with access point, part of SOHO/ SMB wired/ wireless network or part of Enterprise network.
  • WPS software application is either pre-installed from device’s web page or launched from provided USB plug N show (PNS) token.

How do Wireless Presentation Systems work ?

Teq AVIT now brings latest device which can connects all laptops, iphones, android phones, tablets, smartphones, and notebooks to your led, lcd, or any other digital tv wireless and gives you full hd 1080p for surfing any presentation, ppt, word file, pdf, excel sheet or any video seamlessly. Our new devices WiPS710 Series and WiD 510 Series are specifically designed for smooth and better performance while you are wirelessly presenting.



Our reliable WiD510 displays in 720p and is one of the most versatile wireless presentation device in the market today.
wid wid510-mini.jpgWiD510 STD wid510-mini.jpgWiD510 ENT wid510-mini.jpgWiD510 EDU wid510-mini.jpgWiD510 NET
Devices in Network >5 >5 ANY >5
Remote Management N/A SNMP App SNMP App SNMP App
Market Small to Medium Business Corporate/ Enterprise School, Colleges, Universities Government, Military, Banks
Why choose this model? Easiest to use interface with fast connection The most powerful and compatible enterprise-grade network Multiple modes of connection, adaptive to campus wide network Most secure and suited for high-end network.
Where to buy

Teq AVIT is introducing WiD510 series wireless Presentation system in February 2013. WiD510 series devices are based upon same platform as popular WiD340 series by adding Remote Control capability of any connected computer via a common wireless keyboard & mouse. One can wirelessly connect laptop to TV screen in Conference or meeting room or connect notebook to projector in classroom or connect Macbook to any LCD Display in flexible workspace or common area. WiD510 also allows full screen projection of Office documents, spreadsheets, presentations or pictures from most mobile devices wireless. Connect iPad to TV or iPhone to big screen. Wireless connection of popular Android tablets or smartphones wireless to any display is easy with WiD510. Routine users connect in seconds through Connect N Show by click of an icon while visitors or guests connect via included Plug N Show Token easily. Integrating WiD510 with existing wired LAN or standard Wifi access points is common with most users.


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