TeqAvit | Integrate with established AV system & Customizable standby screen

Integrate with established AV system & Customizable standby screen

Network Integration is now simple easy and user friendly. The WiPS 710 uses the already established network to wireless present from any mobile device, tablet, or laptop to any display or monitor. With the use of your existing network the end users do not have to switch away from their usual wireless network nor do they have to connect peer to peer. WiPS devices are as simple to connect as a network printer or hard drive on your network. With the use of industry standard 64/128 bit encryption like WPA2, WPA, Or WEP. You can replace your whole AV system with a simple device that has the same functionality as a lot more expensive and bigger AV systems.


One thing that also makes our WiPS710 device stand out is the customizable features. Now on the standby screen you can add your own logo and have it be completely customizable to how you would like it!


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