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AirPresent Comparison

There are a few similar technologies out there. However most of these technologies are very expensive or typically dont work in a way the average user would like. AirPresent offers truly the simplest of these wireless presentation solutions. Have confidence in AirPresent that it will deliver a simple ideal solution that helps you present in any boardroom, classroom, auditorium or courtroom.


Wireless Video

Our products present video seamlesssly. At a resolution of up to 1080p, video can be displayed at up to 30 Frames per Second (FPS) if Bandwidth is available. This allows you to stream videos with little to no lag from your computer or mobile devices.



Computer installation of our wireless presentation utility coudlnt be easier. Either download the utility directly from the device through browser based access or from the provided USB token. After the initial installation of the application it’s easy to conect and present by just clicking the application icon. The works with the WiD510 as well as the WiPS710.



For those who cannot or do not wish to install applications on their computers our PlugNPresent USB token makes wireless presentation a snap! Simply plug the token into your USB port and run the app right on the token, in seconds your screen will be wirelessly projected to the connected display. This makes it very easier for visitors, guests or substitutes to come and immediately start presenting! The provided token can be easily duplicated for backup or user distribution.



WebSlides is a great feature that provides the ability to capture and save to your computer or device what is being displayed on the screen. Participants now can save those slides of interest or capture the annotations that were made to presentation materials or electronic whiteboards. Since WebSlides is browser based access, participants can also view presentations without being in the room. Once you have accessed the WiPS710 through your browser simply select the WebSlides option and view the presentation. At any time you can select the “save” icon and a JPEG of the screen is saved to your files.


SidePad (Remote Control)

Through Remote Control mode which is activated through the WiPS-710 webpage, allows the moderator(instructor) to select a single or up to 4 users to display there computer or mobile device on the screen. In this mode the computer user is locked out from presenting through their user interface to streamline the training/presentation. The Conference control mode is used by thousands of instructors in schools, colleges, and universities across the world. Also many businesses and corporations love being able to control the displayed screen remotely!


Moderator Session

For boardrooms, lecture halls and other environments with up to four presenters, moderator mode allows the instructor or meeting head to easily control the presentation using AirPresents Web page. With up to 64 participants connected, the moderator can always control whose content is being displayed, and adjust where that content is positioned on the displaying device.


Quad-View Collaboration

Quad View mode, allows up to four sources to be displayed simultaneously on a single display. Different presenters can share and display different content on the screen at once without having to go back and forth. Quad-View provides more collaborative options during presentations and meetings.

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