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WiD440 the Wireless Presentation System


Teq AVIT WiD series has been a proven success in the AV industry. With its reliability and features it still is one of the main wireless presentation systems out there. With its multi-platform capability and Remote Control feature it has all the necessities that any user would need to have a complete AV system.

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Supported Devices

WiD440 Supporting Devices




Mobile Connectivity

Connect Mobile Devices to projector wirelessly

Teq AVIT WiD series has been a proven success in the education market. With it working seamlessly in classrooms, lecture halls and libraries it makes it one of the best wireless presentation devices out there. Connecting through your mobile device has never been easier

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WiD440 Features

Fast and speedy playback

Smooth video playback as full motion video full screenWith its proprietary compression algorithm and video processing watch favorite movie, training video or streaming videos from internet as full motion video by switching to Video mode to stream and playback most popular video format files like MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, AVI, WMV9 and more.

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WiD440 Applications

Standalone or Integrate into existing AV System

Connect to most of TV, LCD Monitor, LED Display or projector without any cable, table boxes, wall plates, switchers or any proprietary and expensive equipment. Just connect to big screen wirelessly and enjoy flexibility and freedom.

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WiD440 Benefits

Multi format network compatibility

WiD440 connects client laptops via wired Ethernet 802.3 standards or wireless 802.11 N / g / b network standards using 15 Mbps to 120 Mbps depending on NIC (network interface card)

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WiD440 Easy Use

Driverless utility for connection

WiD440 connects to notebook computers or mobile devices by a small and robust application utility that launches right away and runs smoothly unlike the drivers that competing products make every user install and create potential system issues.

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WiD440 Specifications

Make the lessons or training interactive and fun at no additional cost

Supports windows 7,XP,VISTA,2000 and Mobile 5/6/7,Mac OS10.4 or later, Video output – VGA on HD-15 or HDMI 19-pin, Sterio output on 3.5 mm plug, Video resolution is SVGA, XGA, WXGA, WXGA+, 720p, Full screen or 4×1 split screen collaboration mode

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