TeqAvit | Wireless Projection Systems and how they apply to you!


Wireless Projection Systems and how they apply to you!

What is a Wireless Projection System?

A lot of questions are asked regarding wireless projection systems! We are hear to help answer those. We will start with the most basic question… What is a wireless projection system? A wireless projection system is a device that allows you, the user, to wirelessly connect your own device (whether it be a smartphone or tablet) to a projecting screen and display whatever might be on your screen. Now how can a Wireless Projection System benefit you? Depending on what market you are in education, government, or corporate we know that all your needs may be different. We have many different devices that allow you to not only wireless present but allows you to annotate, screen mirror, and remotely control the presenting device. Having these features as well as our WiD510 and WiPS710 device being ready 24/7 they also allow guest and visitors to Bring their own device (BYOD) and start presenting. This feature is great for guest speakers, visitors and business meetings. Lets explore now how the wireless projection systems will work!

How does a Wireless Projection System work?

Another questions we get is how do we set this presentation device up? Its quite simple, you plug in your wireless presentation device to your display through HDMI or VGA and then find a power source for the presentation device and you are good to go. Now depending on your display we have two different options as far as screen resolution is concerned. We have our WiD510 device which displays in full HD 1080p or we have our WiD510 device which displays in 720P. Depending on your need 720p might be great for you. If you have a bigger display or projector getting the HD 1080P might be a good option if you are looking to have a crystal clear image being displayed!

Overall Wireless Projection Systems are great for everyone!

Now you know the what and the how and you can see that wireless projection systems are right for everyone! Boardrooms, classrooms, lecture halls, libraries, training facilities or just rooms that displays need wireless projection systems. They will make your IT departments happy with the simple set up and the users happy with the easy user interface. Check out our out the different option on our explore page HERE

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